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The Viktor Collar

The Viktor Collar

This is the Viktor Collar by Dog-ma  named after my beautiful Borzoi who passed on a few years ago. Its shown in a 2" wide ,double ply black leather collar

The Viktor Collar features Russian dog tags , military pins and brass plates. The Russian dog tags vary with each collar but I try to order the ones with animals.
There is a dog tag included as a charm or that can be used as a necklace. Long chain not included

The 2" width is as shown only. It can ordered in different lengths

The dog tags can only be ordered in 2" ,same with the military pins
The delivery for this collar depends on Russian customs . Please allow a few weeks longer for delivery

*****Please provide the breed of dog, age, weight, length of neck and at what length you would like the holes to start and end.
The holes are 1 inch apart.
I like to fully embellish your collar so this information is very important

All samples are shown in a 15.5-18"neck size.Finished length 19" or depends on the size ordered.

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