The Tiras Collar by Dog-ma

The Tiras Collar by Dog-ma

The Tiras Collar by Dog-ma Collars features 30x40mm agates, sterling silver plated findings, European historical conchos and a nickel silver centerpiece. 

The Tiras Collar is available in the following sizes 

MED 13-15" length 1.5 or 2" wide 300.

LARGE 16-18" length 2" wide 350.

XL 19-22" length 2"or 2.5" wide

XXL 23-25" length 2"or 2.5" 430.

The Tiras Collar is lined in fox fur
Fur is available for an additional charge starting at 35.00
Dog-ma Collars  are lined in black leather or shearling 

The Tiras Collar also features a European historical buckle set that is 40mm wide

Dumah Prince of Gehenna is modeling the Tiras Collar

 following sizes
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