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The Regalia Collar

The Regalia Collar

The Regalia Collar by Dog-ma Collars features the papal emblem ,layers of filigree, saint medals and ornate banding.

The Regalia Collar can be made in brown,black ,burgandy or British tan 

.Dog-ma Collars are finished in black leather or shearling

Fur is available for an additional charge 

The furs I have available are mink,ermime 

Fur charges 
Small $20
Med $25
Large $35
XL $45
XXL priced accordingly to pelt size or if 2 are needed

Fur adds 1" to the circumference.

The collar widths that Regalia Collar should be made in are

2" Med,large, XL,XXL

2.5" L,XL,XXL 

Please note this is only my recommendation and you can have any width in any size offered.

Small 10-12" 200. 1.25 width

Med 13-15" $ 215. 1.5 width

Large 16-18" $ 245. 2" or 2.5"width

XL 19-21" $ 265. 2",2,2"width 

XXL 22-26" $295.2",2,5" 

An over sized charm that can be used as a necklace or charm for the collar is also available for  27.00

Dumah Prince of Gehenna is modeling the Regalia Collar by Dog-ma Collars

***Please provide the breed of dog, age, weight, length of neck and at what length you would like the holes to start and end.The holes are 1 inch apart.I like to fully embellish your collar so this information is very importantAll samples are shown in a 15.5-18" size. The collar shown is 24" finished,fur adds 1" to the circumference.
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