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The Nero Collar

The Nero Collar

This is the Nero Collar by Dog-ma from the Roman Collection. The Nero Collar features 30x40 carnelian semi precious stones ,brass roman style custom conchos with copper banding and lined in Coyote fur. The Nero Collar is a 2.5" wide double buckle style.

 The Nero Collar can be made in brown,black, burgandy or British tan.

The semi-precious 30x40mm cabochons that can be substituted are as follows:tiger eye,carnelian,amethyst,serpentine,onyx, howlite turquoise, green agates, blue agates. 

The Nero Collar price is determined by the length because the copper banding is bought by the inch and is a specialty order jewelry supply item.

The Nero Collar is available in 

SMALL 10-12" length 1.25" wide or 1.5" 220.

MED. 13-15" length 1.5" or 2"or 2.5" wide. 270.

LARGE  16-18" length 2.5" wide

XL. 19-22" length 2.5" or 3" wide 

XXL 23-25" length 2.5" or 3" wide 


Dog-ma Collars are lined in black leather or shearling .
Fur is available for an additional charge starting at 25.00

****Please provide the breed of dog, age, weight, length of neck and at what measurement you would like the holes to start and end.

The holes are 1/2 inch apart.

The Nero Collar is modeled by Dumah Prince of Gehenna. His neck size is 18" 

ation is very importantAll s
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