The Isabella Collar by Dog-ma Collars

The Isabella Collar by Dog-ma Collars

The Isabella Collar by Dog-ma features ornate Victorian style banding, semi precious stones and a center cartouche .The available gemstones are amythest,tiger eye,lapis,malachite, carnelian, agates ,rhondinite  and more. The price of the Isabella Collar is determined by the width and length of the banding along with size and kind of gemstones.Each width comes in  a slightly different pattern but all are very nice. 

XS 8-10" length 3/4" or 1" wide 120. 13x18mm stones

SMALL 10-12" length 1" or 11/4" wide  160. 15x20mm stones

MED 13-15" length 1 1/4  15x20mm stones 180

or 1.5" wide 18x25mm stones 200.

LARGE 16-18" length 1.5" width 18x25mm stones 220. or2" width 20x30mm stones 250.Or 30x40mm stones 300.

XL 19-22" length 2" width  30x40mm stones 350.XXL 23-25" length 2" width 30x40mm stones 400.

Dog-ma Collars are lined in leather or shearling.  Fur is available for an additional charge.Matching necklace is also available for 200.Oversized charm is available for 39.
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