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The Elizabeth Collar

The Elizabeth Collar

This is the Elizabeth Collar by Dog-ma from my Heraldry Collection. The Elizabeth Collar features ornate banding, layers of filagree , whiskey mink and a 100 plus carat citrine in a custom setting.
The tan leather collar shown is 2" wide . The colors available are brown,black or tan.

The 100 plus semi-precious citrine that can be substituted for a blue topaz or any 30x40mm cabochon :
tiger eye,carnelian,amethyst,
serpentine,onyx, howlite turquoise, green agates, blue agates.
If selecting a cabochon deduct $10.00

The furs I have available are whiskey mink, dark sable,gray muskrat , If you prefer to omit the fur , its $15.00 less .Please keep in mind the fur greatly adds to the look of the Elizabeth Collar.

The collar styles that Elizabeth can be made in are as shown in the 2" working dog collar
Price is adjusted for any collar under 12" and 1" wide so please ask me

*****Please provide the breed of dog, age, weight, length of neck and at what length you would like the holes to start and end.
The holes are 1 inch apart.
I like to fully embellish your collar so this information is very important

All samples are shown in a 15.5-18" size. The collar shown is 20" finished,
fur adds 1" to the circumference.
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