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I use a size chart for neck sizes. It is very important you measure your dogs neck.


Please tell me the following information:


  • What breed of dog the collar is for

  • Mixed breeds included

  • Weight of your dog 

  • Age of your dog 


I like to decorate the collars to the fullest. At most I leave 2 or 3 holes for adjustments. Correct neck measurement is very important. Most collars can be made is a narrower width or different style.


Please read the collar description.


The stones are inverted to give stability in the setting . Consider it like looking a crystal on a chandelier.


  • Any collar can come with fur

  • Fur takes up 1" in diameter 

  • Please indicate fur choice 

  • Dark mink, whiskey mink, muskrat , beaver are for 1",1.5" and 2" collars 

  • For 2.5" I recommend coyote trim .  

  • I can always make a mink trim for a 2.5 " collar 





General Information

Popular egyptian and roman stones:


  • Amethysts - purple shades vary

  • Onyx - black

  • Tiger eye - golden

  • Agate - green 

  • Carnelian - red

  • Serpentine - blue with speckles

  • Turquoise - pale blue 

  • Lapis - solid royal blue

  • Emeralds - opaque green

  • Rubies- opaque red

  • Sapphire -opaque dark blue


A 30x40mm cabachon is 65 carats. Prices vary from $3-$4 a carat. 


To keep the prices down, "B" quality stones are used. "A" quality stones are available for special order. Prices start at $5 a carat.


I try to carry most of these the sizes are 30x40mm, 25x18mm, 20x15mm and 20 mm round. The faceted stones vary in size from 65 carats to 120 carats.



The stones I use are period appropriate from Egyptian and Romans . They used primarily opaque cabachons. Faceted stones were not used until the 18th century. Pearls were also very poplar but I try not to use anything that isn't in a setting 


More modern stones:


  • Citrine - golden yellow

  • Blue topaz- blue 

  • Druzy Druzy- quartz with blue colors

  • and lines

  • Green amethyst  

  • Howlite turquoise - the closest stone to real turquoise. Genuine turquoise  available for special order. Colors vary from blues to greens. 


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