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How long are delivery times?

I try to make your collar within 3 weeks or sooner if I have what's needed for your order in stock. Your delivery time is contingent upon the arrival of my deliveries.

How large are the semi-precious stones?

Between 15-150 carats

30x40 is 65 carats

Can the fur be ommitted?

Yes, it's $15 less.

Can fur be added?

Yes here are the prices









$ 20.00

$ 20.00

$ 25.00

$ 30.00

$ 30.00

$ 30.00

Can I have a custom collar
that's not on the website ?

Yes , as long as we are very clear about what you want.

Do you ship worldwide?

                     free shipping in the continental USA

Can I order a different style collar?

The 2.5" double buckle collar

The 2" regular dog collar


Why are smaller collars still expensive?

I try to use better materials since I'm using less. Also the jewelry wire I use is charged by the foot. Stones that are ring / pendant size are very desirable and harder to obtain.

Are longer collars more expensive?

Over 23" -25"  $10 more
 25-30"             $15 more 

Can I get genuine turquoise?


Yes it's $4 a carat


How are the conchos made?

I hand make most conchos. The process is as follows ... The screw is soldered on , then epoxied , the piece is then glued and wired to the filagree. After all that the conchos are epoxied to the collar and lock tighted. The collars are tested on my borzoi puppies Dumah and Gaia who have the ability to destroy anything.

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