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About Dog-Ma



Welcome to Dog-ma Collars.



Dog-ma Collars are custom-made dog collars created with semi-precious stones, sterling silver, new and vintage jewelry pieces, genuine fur and other luxurious findings.


Every antique reproduction, an authentic representation of each time period, is an original design by me.  Collars include historical inspiration from Ancient Egypt and Roman ,Merovingian and Victorian eras.


While I search the world - including Europe, Russia, India, and Israel - for the perfect findings, I also take pride in using fine goods from home - featuring treasures from Arizona, Alaska and The Dakotas.  Each collar is lovingly handmade in the United States.


In keeping with historical accuracy, the stones I use are citrine, topaz, lapis, agate, tiger eye, carnelian, mother of pearl, onyx, turquoise, emerald, ruby, amethyst and sapphire.  The furs I use are shorter hair furs:  mink, muskrat, beaver and coyote.  collar styles include a 16th-century wide double-buckle and an 18th-century tapered leather...a modern-day 2" single-ply and a working dog collar in double leather.


While Dog-ma Collars are made with the bigger dog in mind, most designs can be adapted onto any available collar style, and will look great on any dog with a longer neck.


After earning a degree in Art History (where I focused on 18th and 19th century art), and a long career in New York and Paris where I extensively studied and sold antiques, learning further appreciation of luxurious materials and finer details...designing Dog-ma Collars has become my life's ultimate passion.  I thoroughly love creating artisan works for all discriminating dog owners and their precious pups, and I know you will love your beautiful, opulent Dog-ma Collar.


 - Best Regards -





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